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Being hit by a meteorite

It’s pretty amazing to be outside on a sunny day.  The warm sun, a gentle breeze, the sounds of life all about you.  To just consider for a moment the way that we are all connected within Earth’s biosphere, how … Continue reading

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Battleships, Dark Matter and Jodrell

HMS Revenge served at the water boiling inferno that was the Battle of Jutland in 1916 and went on to serve in World War II. HMS Royal Sovereign missed Jutland but served in World War II and even saw time … Continue reading

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The Smudge of Galactic History

It makes no sense really. The sky is full of points of light and planetary discs. Defined, finite, predictable. Then you notice that funny, soft focus patch.  Your eyes aren’t sure and you blink. Glare? Light pollution?  It’s almost imperceptible.  … Continue reading

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The Silence of the Moon

I’m sitting about 1,000 miles from the surface of the moon and the silence is almost over powering.  The absolute darkness of the terminator is in stark contrast to the almost dazzling reflection of sunlight from the lunar dawn. Below … Continue reading

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The Pale Graphite Dot

I’ve just put a dot to the left of Jupiter. It took a few moments thorough my eyepiece to judge how far to the left. Then I put a small dot on the page of my notebook and moved on. … Continue reading

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The Sodium Glow of Debate

Everywhere I look there is a glow. I wish it was the Milky Way. Stronger at the horizon, but still reaching the zenith over my head. I wish it was moonlight. It’s orange, occasionally white and sometimes it brightens suddenly … Continue reading

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Bored of Jupiter?

Ok, I’m going to confess.  I decided I am bored of looking at Jupiter.  Yes, I know…”how could you?!” Well during my last two observing sessions I barely gave the King a second naked eye glance, let alone swing the scope … Continue reading

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