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The Black Arrow

I could have been looking at the centuries old ruins of a castle. But the moulded concrete and rusting steel were a give away.  This was no Norman keep, this was the white heat of 60s Britain, sitting on a … Continue reading

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We are such stuff as dreams are made on…

Why that’s my dainty Ariel! I shall miss thee:  But thou shalt have freedom: so, so ,so. Prospero, The Tempest, Act V At 18:00:16 GMT on 26th April 1962 UK-1, better known a Ariel, escaped to the freedom of orbit … Continue reading

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Rain stops play

I missed the opposition of Saturn last night. And a bright pass of the International Space Station. My plans for sketching M97 and NGC2419 are still on hold. This weekend’s view of the Lyrid meteor shower does not look promising. … Continue reading

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What Telescopes were made for

It was the first thing I looked at with my scope. The journey back home on the train nursing the large brown box had been filled with caution, fear and expectation. The sky was beautifully clear, the darkness could not fall … Continue reading

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British Space? We wouldn’t Dare…

Naturally they cheered at Filton when she leapt from the runway.  The HOTOL prototype, named “Anastasia” after a public campaign, cut through the sky over the Bristol Channel propelled by her Rolls Royce RB545 Swallows.  The noise was indescribable, but … Continue reading

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Den Break

The Astronomer is having a little break but will be back very soon… In the mean time here are a couple of guest blog posts I wrote recently. The first is for the BBC Cbeebies channel “Stargazing with Kids” The … Continue reading

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