A Legend Dies

He was 98.

Born the year before the Great War tore Europe apart.

40 years later he would re-use weaponry of that conflict to further our knowledge of the Universe at Jodrell Bank.

He was one of the first to study Cosmic rays in the 1930s.

Exploration interupted by War, he help develop the H2S bombing radar that allowed Bomber Command take the war to the heart of the Nazi evil.

With peace he became one of the fathers of Radio Astronomy as well as demonstrating that meteors could be tracked with radar echoes.

Many of todays astronomers owe Lovell a great debt.  Newton said he stood on the shoulders of giants, for today’s radio astronomers Lovell is one of those giants; a pioneer that leaves us a legacy of knowledge and understanding that allows us to see further than ever before.

Sir Bernard Lovell Dies aged 98

Lovell with Lovell. A legend with his masterpiece.

Sir Bernard Lovell, British Astronomer and pioneer.

31st August 1913 – 6th August 2012

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