How to use a telescope…

Well Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Tree Nebula

Galactic Christmas Tree – NGC2264 (NASA)

I hope you are having a happy and fun filled one.  I will be beavering away in the kitchen to rustle up lunch and indulging a couple of medicinal sherry’s along the way, while the OH and scamp bury themselves in wrapping paper.

So did you get a telescope? I hope many of you did, or know some one who did.  Below is a list of links to point you in the right direction and get you started with your new pride and joy.

Remember telescopes can be extremely frustrating to begin with, they have quirks, they often seem designed to point at anything but the object you want!  I would say dive straight in and play, but don’t get too annoyed when you are not getting perfect, hubble-esque views of distant nebula on your first night.  It all takes practice, you will need many goes and don’t be suprised if a year passes before you are really doing the astronomy you’ve been dreaming of.


Any way on with the list!

Active Astronomy

Absolute Astronomy

Astronomy Wise ezine

Astronomy Today

Space: The Final Frontier

Astronomy Education

How to Enjoy Your New Telescope: Advice for Beginner Skywatchers from

The Awesome Astronomy Podcast

Find your nearest astronomy society!

And of course if you really want to learn how to use your telescope then join us at AstroCamp in May!

Christmas Tree

Not NGC2264 (Author)

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2 Responses to How to use a telescope…

  1. godmadeknown says:

    We did get a telescope! A very small, inexpensive one but good enough to show us the moons of Jupiter and I gorgeous look at Pleiades. Will be checking out your list of sites. Thanks!

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