Asteroid Day


Well I didn’t see it.  Well it was briefly in my scope but the gap in the clouds was so short that I didn’t get a chance to confirm which of the faint white dots was the one.  Oh well.  That’s astronomy.

But what a day.  The Urals meteorite was incredible and an amazing cosmic coincidence.  Really demonstrated the way the cosmos reaches out and gives us a shake sometimes.  A future blog post on the full story will follow.

BBC world News impact

Cosmic Jumper. Me on the BBC.

I was fortunate to be able to give an interview for BBC World News alongside Cosmologist Marcus Chown.  Hope you enjoy it and no comments about my jumper!


About astronomersden

Daddy, Hubby, Teacher and when ever I get the chance Astronomer.
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1 Response to Asteroid Day

  1. rthepotter says:

    It was extraordinary to have that second missile – talk about catching everyone looking the other way. Scary, too.

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