The Astronomer’s Den are the musings of an amatuer astronomer based under the light polluted skies of West London.  He likes to sketch what he observes, moan about the weather and drinks too much tea.

7 Responses to About

  1. tychogirl says:

    Love your blog!! Wonderful musings about space. Looking forward to following you.

  2. Bob Andrews says:


    At http://www.janus.kirion.net/ you will find an Abstract of a Faster-than-light communication concept. Janus is under reconstruction and will be developed to Foundation status later this year.

    I believe that FTL communication systems will have to be developed before FTL propulsion and I and my associates have been concentrating on these projects for over 30years.

    Best wishes for an excelent site and blog. Bob Andrews.

  3. rthepotter says:

    Good evening, and thanks for the fun I’ve had reading your astro posts. Would you mind if I nominate you as a ‘versatile blogger’ on Minutiae? If you hate it, please say!

  4. Great blog and can I just say well done on the Awesome Astronomy podcast I found this month’s one very enjoyable. Keep up the good work

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