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2012 – That was the year that was

938,900,000 km at 30km/s. It’s quite a ride when you think about it. Throw in 366 rotations at an equatorial speed of 1,674.4 km/h and the whole thing sounds pretty hair raising. 2012. It’s almost over and another arbitrarily set … Continue reading

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A Baker Street Christmas

We had a wonderful christmas gathering last night and paid tribute to Sir Patrick Moore. I have blogged about it here at the Baker Street Irregular Astronomers website. More pictures of a moving and wonderful occasion here via Philip Stobbart.

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It was one of those coincidences.  I was perhaps 500 yards from where I met him when I heard and it was the person who had taken me to meet him who told me the news. It’s an amusement arcade … Continue reading

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