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A quick fix

Sometimes you have to ignore conventional wisdom. Never use your scope out of a window. Leave your scope to cool. Sketch the moon when it’s dark for good contrast. Well that is all well and good but we have just … Continue reading

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Because I am 8

It was silly really. It was just a crater. The Moon is, after all, covered in them; they are difficult to miss. But then there was that time when you saw lunar craters with your own eyes for the first time.  … Continue reading

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Giving scale to the Moon

3 miles deep. That’s the average of the Pacific Ocean. 53 miles wide. That’s as wide as the Bering Strait, or Lake Ontario. 108 Million years old. It’s formation was watched by the dinosaurs. And in lunar terms that’s young. … Continue reading

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The Silence of the Moon

I’m sitting about 1,000 miles from the surface of the moon and the silence is almost over powering.  The absolute darkness of the terminator is in stark contrast to the almost dazzling reflection of sunlight from the lunar dawn. Below … Continue reading

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