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Hairy Stars

Galileo agreed with Aristotle and thought them to be high atmospheric phenomenon. Burning gas or some such. Ancient texts saw them filled with evil intent or foreboding, a sight unpredictable. In 1066 the appearance of one foretold the fall of … Continue reading

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Doing the Great Things

I was talking with good friends in the pub yesterday. We talked about ‘great things’. More specifically is it worth doing them? What is the point? On the table infront of us was the obituary of Neil Armstrong, surely the … Continue reading

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Transit of Venus

10th December 2117. It’s certain I will be long dead.  Bar a major medical breakthrough the chances are not good that a man in his mid thirties who has a deep and meaningful relationship with the bacon sarnie will live … Continue reading

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A Simple Device

It is a simple device really. Sitting in my Den, Waiting. It has few parts, certainly only a dozen major components. Anyone can use it. Which is probably what makes it such a dangerous object. Simple and dangerous. But it … Continue reading

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