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Dan Dare report for duty!

In the 1970s we gave up on the Vertical Empire.  The UK shot Black Arrow into the skies above Woomera and placed a small test satellite called Prospero in a near perfect orbit, dusted its hands and said enough. Well almost.  … Continue reading

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299,792,458 meters per second

What you see isn’t real. Ok that’s over egging it a little. What you see is not reality now. When you look in the mirror that’s not exactly how your face looks when you see it.  The light took just … Continue reading

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In search of a dark sky

The strong smell of European cigarettes once again fills the air around me. It’s a warning and I know that it’s time to pop into the kitchen and put the kettle on. The sky disappears. My neighbour has reached the … Continue reading

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The Smudge of Galactic History

It makes no sense really. The sky is full of points of light and planetary discs. Defined, finite, predictable. Then you notice that funny, soft focus patch.  Your eyes aren’t sure and you blink. Glare? Light pollution?  It’s almost imperceptible.  … Continue reading

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