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Doing the Great Things

I was talking with good friends in the pub yesterday. We talked about ‘great things’. More specifically is it worth doing them? What is the point? On the table infront of us was the obituary of Neil Armstrong, surely the … Continue reading

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Gold. There has been a lot of it about in London recently. Thousands have pushed themselves to their absolute limits in order to have some hung around their necks. Millions more have watched in awe as they did so. An … Continue reading

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So what about those UFOs?

It’s a question I get asked regularly. I was asked again yesterday. In a way I suppose at it’s heart is one of the most fundamental questions humanity has. Inevitably I’m eating when someone asks me. Big morsel of lunch just … Continue reading

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Being hit by a meteorite

It’s pretty amazing to be outside on a sunny day.  The warm sun, a gentle breeze, the sounds of life all about you.  To just consider for a moment the way that we are all connected within Earth’s biosphere, how … Continue reading

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The Silence of the Moon

I’m sitting about 1,000 miles from the surface of the moon and the silence is almost over powering.  The absolute darkness of the terminator is in stark contrast to the almost dazzling reflection of sunlight from the lunar dawn. Below … Continue reading

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The Pale Graphite Dot

I’ve just put a dot to the left of Jupiter. It took a few moments thorough my eyepiece to judge how far to the left. Then I put a small dot on the page of my notebook and moved on. … Continue reading

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