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Weeks.  Months really. Don’t get me wrong, I like social astronomy.  I love a good astro-conversation over the top of a cool scope.  I can wax lyrical about stars and stuff for hours. But last night I sat under a … Continue reading

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A quick fix

Sometimes you have to ignore conventional wisdom. Never use your scope out of a window. Leave your scope to cool. Sketch the moon when it’s dark for good contrast. Well that is all well and good but we have just … Continue reading

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Because I am 8

It was silly really. It was just a crater. The Moon is, after all, covered in them; they are difficult to miss. But then there was that time when you saw lunar craters with your own eyes for the first time.  … Continue reading

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The Pale Graphite Dot

I’ve just put a dot to the left of Jupiter. It took a few moments thorough my eyepiece to judge how far to the left. Then I put a small dot on the page of my notebook and moved on. … Continue reading

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