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2012 – That was the year that was

938,900,000 km at 30km/s. It’s quite a ride when you think about it. Throw in 366 rotations at an equatorial speed of 1,674.4 km/h and the whole thing sounds pretty hair raising. 2012. It’s almost over and another arbitrarily set … Continue reading

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Architectural Fundament

You have to admire the ingenuity of it.  The deep thinking intelligence of it all.  The precision of the design and architecture.  I mean it was just placed so precisely.  How did they know? This morning I watched as three … Continue reading

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Dan Dare report for duty!

In the 1970s we gave up on the Vertical Empire.  The UK shot Black Arrow into the skies above Woomera and placed a small test satellite called Prospero in a near perfect orbit, dusted its hands and said enough. Well almost.  … Continue reading

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Two in the bed…

Today there are two manned stations in space. One is the leviathan that is the International Space Station. 450 Tonnes, 108 metres across, with a rotating crew of 6.  It has been manned since 2001 and while its usefulness and … Continue reading

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