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2012 – That was the year that was

938,900,000 km at 30km/s. It’s quite a ride when you think about it. Throw in 366 rotations at an equatorial speed of 1,674.4 km/h and the whole thing sounds pretty hair raising. 2012. It’s almost over and another arbitrarily set … Continue reading

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How to use a telescope…

Well Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are having a happy and fun filled one.  I will be beavering away in the kitchen to rustle up lunch and indulging a couple of medicinal sherry’s along the way, while the OH … Continue reading

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The End of the World!

2.5 Million stars will explode on Friday. Across the Universe there will approximately 30 supernovas a second. All day. Right across the sky, where ever you look stars will be dying.  Tearing themselves apart in world shattering explosions. Sending out … Continue reading

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Dust. That is all it is. Tiny particles of dust vaporising in the atmosphere. They look so bright, appear to fall so far and in the scale of the human mind that struggles to comprehend anything beyond 600 metres away … Continue reading

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A Baker Street Christmas

We had a wonderful christmas gathering last night and paid tribute to Sir Patrick Moore. I have blogged about it here at the Baker Street Irregular Astronomers website. More pictures of a moving and wonderful occasion here via Philip Stobbart.

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It was one of those coincidences.  I was perhaps 500 yards from where I met him when I heard and it was the person who had taken me to meet him who told me the news. It’s an amusement arcade … Continue reading

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Architectural Fundament

You have to admire the ingenuity of it.  The deep thinking intelligence of it all.  The precision of the design and architecture.  I mean it was just placed so precisely.  How did they know? This morning I watched as three … Continue reading

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